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Contact Information for Jayne Cravens  

I probably really want to hear from you!

But FIRST, before you contact me:

That said, please DO contact me if you have a question about information on my web site, my availability for consulting and my fees, nonprofit management, communications for nonprofit/NGO or government initiatives, crisis communication, volunteer engagement, virtual volunteering/microvolunteering, Afghanistan, Kentucky, Oregon, my dog, my cat, my motorcycle...

Also, I love hearing from university-based researchers, members of the press, bloggers, students, nonprofit/NGO employees and volunteers - most anyone. And note that it is very easy to sweet talk me into reviewing your thesis or offering academic research advice for free, as a volunteer (especially if you share your final paper with me).

But, please, for my sanity, respect those bullet points. I receive hundreds of emails a day. You read that right: hundreds. And I have no staff - it's just me here. The more descriptive you can make your email subject line, the more likely I will open your email and that you will get a reply from me.

And remember that, while I do give away a tremendous amount of information and advice away for free via my web site and on various online discussion groups, I'm also a consultant, and need to pay for my mortgage, utilities, insurance, and groceries. I'm happy to give you a quote for my services, but please be as specific as you can about what it is you might want me to do.

If you are from the press / the media, & need to contact me urgently, this is info just for you on how to contact me.

If you have written me and have not gotten a reply, review the above bullet points (I may be ignoring your email if you ignored the bullet points), and then have a look at my what's new page, which notes my availability - I may be out of town and unable to respond to you immediately. Feel free to email me again. 

If you are writing in regard to a particular Web page on my site:
PLEASE give me the exact title of the page or the exact URL address - my web site is made up of a few hundred pages, and if you aren't specific, I won't have any idea what you are referring to. If you are writing to add something for this Web site, include your name, email address, Web address (if applicable) and the name of the company you represent (if any).

If you want to suggest a link FROM my Web site, please read this linking criteria.

If, after reading all of the above, you're in doubt about whether or not to write, please email me anyway; the worst that can happen is that I won't reply at all or that I'll say no. I'm grumpy only with those people who don't read the above bulleted text or address me as "Sir" or "Mr." or grossly misspell my name.

Dancing Stick Man Email:

jayne OINK

Make sure you substitute @ for OINK

If you want to talk by Skype, please email me with your contact information for either platform and your proposed day(s) and time(s) to talk. I'm usually on USA West Coast time (same as Los Angeles). View my public calendar if you want to figure out where I am and my availability. If you would like to try talk online via voice or video conference, I can use Skype and GoogleTalk or WebEx, as you like. I do not "hang out" on Skype -- if you want to talk via either, please email me to set up a time.

I am on What'sApp - if you have that app too, and I am on your contact list, you can text me.

Or, if you would like to talk via phone, please email or IM me for my phone number and to set up a time to talk.

Contact me via email or IM if you need a postal address for me (please say why you need such).

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