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Linking to or from these pages

You are welcomed to link to any of the pages on my web site from your own site. Please be aware, however, that some pages do -- and will -- move. You are safest in linking to these pages/sections that are "permanent": If you do create a link to a page on my site, please notify me. You don't have to, but it would be appreciated; I like to know how people are learning about these pages.

Links from Coyote Communications Pages

I will link to a page (or pages) on your Web site if they are directly, obviously related to a topic on my Web site. Your page should expand on the subject(s) covered on my page from which you want a link.

HOWEVER, please note that if I cannot use your web site with lower-end browsers: MS Explorer 5, Netscape 7.0, and Opera 6.3 (all for Mactintosh), I will NOT consider linking to your web site, no matter how relavent it is to materials on my web site, so don't even ask.

For the Camping with Your Dog(s) Web page, I will link to your page ONLY if it is DIRECTLY related to camping with pets, PERIOD. If you are selling doggy vitamins or dog doors or dog food or dog houses or anything else NOT directly related to CAMPING, then DON'T ASK. If you have a business related to dog camping, I'll be happy to consider placing an ad on my web site, for a fee.

When suggesting a link, don't just say, "Add this URL to your site!". Tell me about your site -- give a brief description, tell me your goal for the particular web page or your site, tell me how it is different than the other resources I already link to, tell me if you have a link off of a site I already link to, and tell me which pages on my site (PLEASE give me the exact title of the page or the exact URL address) you think I should create a link to your site.

See these excellent: examples of link requests.

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