Advice for Women Travelers:
Transportation Choices

Getting from point A to point B takes patience. Treat transportation as part of your vacation/adventure. Create ways to enjoy the journey, and anticipate potential problems: make a great mix tape, have a great book to read while waiting for trains, have some munchies always available, etc.). If you don't treat transportation as part of your vacation/adventure, the result will be that delays, getting lost, and other problems will be much harder to deal with. Why let a layover in an airport ruin your whole trip? Take pictures of sleeping people. Some Advice Re: Motion Sickness

I suffer from motion sickness. It gets worse every year. I can sit in the back of a car only for short distances, and have to ask the driver not to take curves too quickly. I cannot read in a car under any circumstances -- I can't even read messages on my cell phone. I can't sit backwards on a train, and can't read on a train except at night, and then only if it's not going through too many turns. A gently swaying ferry will ruin the day for me. The back of a bus is out of the question for me. I can't even watch movies that shake around too much.

Ofcourse, when I travel, I cannot absolutely control all of my transportation conditions, and can't avoid all of the above situations. So, when I take a trip, I have to take a lot of preventatives so that motion sickness doesn't ruin my trip:



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