graphic of me and the dogs along the rhein

Jayne In Germany (and Beyond!)
February 15, 2001 to April 16, 2009

I moved back to the USA on April 16, 2009


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Germany and Europe information for expats like me, and anyone coming to visit. (remember, I don't update this anymore!)


My grandfather said I should write a book while I lived abroad. My mother said I should keep a journal. One of my friends said I should write for a travel magazine. This web site is my compromise -- selected essays / blogs about my adventures in Germany and places I visited while I lived there. I hope that it will help to inspire other women from the USA to travel abroad.


Tourist information for people visiting my area of Germany

I have NO information AT ALL regarding employment in Germany! None. Please don't write me for advice on employment in Germany. Please. I beg you. Go here for OFFICIAL information from the German government on working in Germany!

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