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University-Level Instruction by Jayne Cravens
I'm available to develop:
  • onsite courses
  • online courses
  • one-hour, half-day or full-day workshops
  • multi-day classes
  • full-semester classes
  • professional development courses
  • under-graduate level courses
  • graduate-level courses

  • I am most interested creating and leading the following university-level courses:

    • Volunteer engagement/management - a comprehensive course on all aspects of involving and supporting volunteers, covering policy and procedures development for the supervision, support and recruitment of volunteers, evaluating volunteer engagement effectiveness, various challenges and how to develop such, introducing volunteering to an organization, creating a variety of assignments for volunteers (group tasks, microtasks, online tasks/virtual volunteering, leadership roles, opportunities for families, volunteering as a part of program delivery, etc.), building staff capacity to create volunteering opportunities and supervise volunteers themselves, using technology as a part of volunteer management, latest and emerging trends in volunteer engagement, etc. This could be part of an MBA program, a nonprofit management or public sector management degree, a social work degree or a public health education degree, among others. 
    • Introduction to community engagement - what responsibilities, if any, do people have for making their community a better? What does better mean, and who gets to decide the definition, let alone how we get there? We would explore concepts of community, community engagement, citizenship, social responsibility and social capital, and review case studies of each. We would explore different types of engagement: volunteerism, community service, activism, advocacy, community meetings/advisory groups, citizen academics and more. This could be part of an MBA program, a nonprofit management or public sector management degree, a social work degree or a public health education degree, among others. 
    • Public relations for mission-based organizations and programs (nonprofits, NGOs, government agencies, corporate philanthropy programs, etc.), including cultivating press relations, using online communities, leveraging social media, using traditional print media, writing for various media, budgeting for activities, crisis communications, event promotion, and communicating to build awareness, change minds and change behavior. This could be part of an MBA program, a nonprofit management or public sector management degree, marketing or public relations degree, a social work degree or a public health education degree, among others.  
    • Introduction to International Nonprofit Organizations & NGOs in the Developing World - This course would examine the work of both nonprofits working across borders and small non-governmental organizations staffed by local people and serving their surrounding area in a developing country. It would talk about the work of nonprofits that seek to influence global issues, such as economic justice, human rights, women's rights or environmental issues; and the ongoing shift from aid to capacity building programs in developing countries. The course will explore international and cross-cultural management issues and challenges, fundraising and sustainability, relationships with national governments and supranational entities, primarily international donors, and international advocacy strategies. It will also review the different models of international volunteering. This course would be for people that are seeking a career in international affairs, humanitarian affairs/development, or nonprofit management of international agencies. It is a course that can also help a student decide whether or not to seek a higher degree in some aspect of development management. 
    • Practicum / internship / experiential learning experience as a part of courses on community engagement or public relations for mission-based organizations and programs. I would help the student structure the experience such so that it included appropriate preparation for the project and opportunities for thoughtful reflection about the experience, as well as opportunities to share the results of the project with the campus community and the world at large.

    You can view my public calendar to see when I am available. 
    If you would like to propose a course for me to design and deliver, please contact me at

     My teaching experience at universities, and to researchers and practitioners, includes:

    You can see a complete list of classes, workshops and specialized training I've conducted for various organizations and conferences.

    Here is a video of a presentation I did in 2013: Using Internet & Smartphone Apps to Work With Volunteers. This is a 90 minute video of me at a 2013 Corporation for National and Community Service regional conference. It's focused on managers of AmeriCorps, VISTA, SeniorCorps and other national service members, however, it's applicable to any initiative involving volunteers. Because the training was just 90 minutes, I wasn't able to do the group exercises I so like to do, but there is a lot of back and forth with the audience - and I do my best to repeat what people are saying/asking, so it could be on the broadcast (which was live) and the recording. 6:45 is when my oh-so-witty banter starts with the audience. Presentation doesn't really begin until 8:30. First part is a bit draggy - lots of people still coming in. But it picks right up and is a very decent example of how I train. Sorry that the video doesn't pick up the laughs from the terrific audience of about 50 or more people.

    My CV, which fully details my professional experience and skills, and my references, are available upon request. You can also read about my core professional competencies and my capacity-building work specifically.

    I am open to earning a doctorate in communications, public relations, community engagement or related field to my areas of expertise if I could teach while pursuing the doctorate and receive financial support. I have excellent teaching credentials, a strong drive for research that could lead to scholarly work publishable in refereed journals, a strong drive to keep up-to-date on the latest trends and advances regarding my academic focus areas, a strong commitment to undergraduate and graduate education, a commitment to working with a diverse student population and a strong interest in building opportunities for students and faculty to explore these academic focus areas through volunteering and research themselves.

    If you would like to propose a course for me to design and deliver, please contact me at


    You can see my academic / research work at my profile on Most of the academic articles that have cited my work regarding virtual volunteering are listed at my Google Scholar account 

    As time permits, I also research how rumor and myth can derail development or relief efforts, and ways to address such.


    You can see my academic / research work at my profile on Most of the academic articles that have cited my work regarding virtual volunteering are listed at my Google Scholar account. My published work and unpublished research work includes.   

    I have also published articles in:
    My work has been cited in several books and other publications, including Beyond Police Checks: The Definitive Volunteer & Employee Screening Guidebook by Linda L. Graff, What We Learned (the hard way) About Supervising Volunteers by Jarene Frances Lee and Julia M. Catagnus, published by Energize, Inc, The Career Break Book, published by Lonely Planet; and The Rough Guide To A Better World, published by the Department for International Development (DFID) and the Rough Guides; final report of the Subcommittee on Public Outreach for USAID's Advisory Committee on Voluntary Foreign Aid (ACVFA) (my input was re: how to use various Internet tools for ACVFA outreach), Oct. 2008; the 2004 document/proposal E-government Implementation in Lithuania, published by the Kaunas University of Technology Institute of Europe and the UN Online Network in Public Administration and Finance (UNPAN); USAID's Bureau for Global Health newsletter (January 2002); and World Disasters Report 2001: Focus on Recovery by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. Before joining UNV/UNDP (see below), my work was cited in the UNDP Gender in Development Programme's Learning & Information Pack: Information, Communication & Knowledge-Sharing, published in 2000 (one of the first UNDP documents addressing this topic).

    Please note my freely-available resources regarding Community Outreach (With & Without Tech), Community & Volunteer Engagement, and Tech Use by Mission-Based Organizations.


    I received my MSc in Development Management from Open University, in the UK, in December 2005. I received my B.A. in Journalism (with minors in both theater and history) from Western Kentucky University. In 2005, I passed the initial level exam in the Diplomas de Español como Lengua Extranjera (DELE) (certification for basic abilities in Spanish), and I am currently studying for the next level. I completed the following classes that are part of the Professional Certificate for Nonprofit Management (in the first year it was offered), San José State University (California): Fund Raising, Board Governance & Leadership, Financial Management, Human Resources, and Strategic Planning & Needs Assessments. I have also been trained in planning and evaluation by Pacific Institute for Research & Evaluation (PIRE).

    I am or have been a member of

     Teaching Approach:

    I enjoy teaching, and try to give my classes, online or onsite, a lively, audience-oriented, non-technical feel. I believe a university-level course should focus on capacity-building, so that students have the knowledge and resources to most effectively and efficiently address a program's mission. My goal in any course is to give participants tools that they can use immediately and that give them a base on which to further build and improve long after the course is over. I am excited at the possibility of teaching courses and helping to develop curricula that allows students to prepare themselves for the continuing evolution of the work place.

    If you would like to propose a consultation for your organization, please contact me at
    Please include your full name and as much information as you can about your proposal for my participation. Please note that I do charge for my consulting and training services. That includes my professional assessment of your soon-to-launch web site, nonprofit, etc


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