Louisville, Kentucky to Portland, Oregon
July 27 - August 7, 2009
If you move back to the USA after living abroad for several years, I highly recommend a cross-country trip, to re-introduce you to the country and to ease you back into the American groove. It was while traveling cross-country on this trip that I really felt happy about being back in my native country. Not that the summer in Louisville, Kentucky wasn't a wonderful time, and not that I wouldn't HIGHLY recommend it for a visit or even as a place to live. But... well, maybe you have to live abroad for a while and then come home to know what I mean...

So we decided to turn our move from Louisville to Portland, Oregon a grand 13-day road trip, visiting states we'd never been to whenever possible. We left the itinerary largely open: we would drive up to Minnesota or South Dakota, then start heading over, primarily on US highways, using Interstate highways only when time was of the essence. Our guide would be the Rand Mcnally 2010 Road Atlas (it's from the future), we would camp most, if not all, the way, and we'd stop at every state border rest stop to load up on camping guides and tourist brochures for the area, to see if there was anything in particular we wanted to see.

Albi, our dog, had never been camping before. I'm supposed to be an expert on camping with your dog, so I hoped I had prepared her. Whether it was me or her, she loved camping. But more on that later...

I'll list our route and talk about what was worth seeing (or not), in brief:

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My first cross country USA trip, back in 1996.

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