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Our Motorcycle Travel in 2010 & 2011
See the TravelAdvisor map of where I've been (not just by motorcycle). Note that the green markers are where I want to go but haven't been yet.

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International trips by motorcycle
Albania, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Northern England & Scotland, France, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Macedonia (the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia), Montenegro, Norway, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden

Trips riding my own motorcycle
California ("Lost Coast" and gold country), Idaho, Montana (Glacier NP), Nevada, Oregon, Washington (state), Wyoming (Yellowstone), Canada (Alberta and British Columbia, Jasper, Banff & Kootenay).

  I got my motorcycle license in the summer of 2009, and my first motorcycle, a 1989 Honda Nighthawk, in November 2009. As 2010, I was anxious to get started on long distance travel!

Starting with 2010, our motorcycle travel goal for each year was to travel at least 5,000 miles traveling for fun (as opposed to running errands by motorcycle, trips to the post office or grocery store - which can often be the MOST challenging). And we made that goal three years in a row!

Here's all we did by motorcycle in 2010 & 2011:

    Lots of day trips in Oregon & Washington state
    We tried to ride on any weekend that it was dry and not freezing or not absolutely baking! Don't let anyone ever tell you that the Pacific Northwest isn't a great place to ride a motorcycle year round. We road every month. Our day trips were around the Canby, Oregon area. These were essential to prepare me for my long distance traveling.

    From Oregon to the "Lost Coast" of Northern California
    Horizons Unlimited 2010 California meeting
    - August 2010
    This was my first long-distance motorcycle trip! We went from Canby, Oregon to Petrolia, California, the "Lost Coast", for our first Horizons Unlimited Motorcycle Travelers Meeting. It took us two-day to get there and two-days to get back. Camping the whole way.

    Oh, Canada...Two-Week Canada/USA Tour by Motorcycles
    Because I wasn't working full time and Stefan was working at a place with a European-style vacation policy, we were able to do two trips in 2010. For our first international trip with me riding a motorcycle of my own, the obvious choice was Canada. We got to see more of Washington state than we'd seen up to that point, as well as British Columbia, Alberta, Montana and Idaho. Highlights included Jasper and Banff National Parks, Glacier National Park, Swan Lake National Park, Garnet ghost town in Montana, and Lolo Pass. September 2010.

    Yellowstone, Western Montana, Wyoming & more
    June 2011. 15 days, 2680 miles. The trip included going through Chief Joseph Pass and Beaverhead National Forest, Nevada City and Virginia City, Grand Teton National Park, Craters of the Moon National Monument, Bruneau Dunes State Park, Owyhee Uplands, John Day Fossil Beds National Monument and Ochoco National Forest. The trip ended at Burning Moto Man 2011, in Westfir, Oregon, 40 miles east of Eugene on the Middle Fork of the Willamette River.

    Crater Lake, Oregon
    2011 (photos only). This was a long weekend trip.

    Burning Moto Man, June 2010 and 2011
    Westfir, Oregon, 40 miles east of Eugene on the Middle Fork of the Willamette River. This was an annual gathering for people interested in international motorcycle travel. It was organized by Eric and Gail Haws. It included presentations, lots of opportunities to socialize and a backroads ride, about 70 miles of which 20 or so would be gravel. We looked forward to this every year. My husband met Eric and Gail in Greece in 2006 - Eric held a Guinness Book of World Records certificate for being the first person to cross Russia on a motorcycle (Gail was with him). Eric passed away in 2013. Our memories of these gatherings are very precious to us. 

    One week in Washington state, September 2011
    To celebrate my husband's 40th birthday AND impending new job (which we knew wouldn't give him the generous vacation days of his previous job), we took a week-long motorcycle ride in Washington state. We took back roads all the way up to Seattle, then headed back South, visiting Mt. Rainier, Mt. St. Helens, Ape Cave, ice cave and lava tubes, Gifford Pinchot National Forest and Mt. Hood.

Our Motorcycle Travel & Rally Activities for 2014

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Our Motorcycle Travel & Rally Activities in 2012

What makes a great motorcycle rally (& rallies I have attended)

Of course, we camp for most overnight trips. See my tips for motorcycle packing.

Advice for Women Motorcycle Travelers: Accommodation Choices

Advice for Women Motorcycle Travelers: footwear (shoes & socks).

For Women Who Travel By Motorcycle (or want to)

Tips for Women: Getting Started as a Motorcycle Rider (just to ride, not necessarily to travel as well)

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