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Our Motorcycle Travel in 2017

We've done a lot of our favorite local routes this year, as day-long trips, like through Vernonia and Birkenfeld to Jewell, Oregon, and the Nestucca River Road. But we also found a new route - Foss Road / Nehalem Road to Foss Road, which goes from 26 almost to the coast.

Our big motorcycle travel trip for 2017 was 10 days in Washington State: a Smokey Motorcycle Adventure in August.

Our 2017 trip included Gifford Pinchot National Forest (our favorite), Mt. Rainier National Park, Wenatchee National Forest (new for us), Lake Chelan National Recreation Area (new for us), North Cascades National Forest (new for us), Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest (new for us), Olympic National Forest (new for us), and Olympic National Park (new for us), as well as Trout Lake and Packwood, which we've been to before, plus these new cities for us in Washington state: Naches, Ellensburg, Leavenworth, Methow, Chelan, Winthrop, Newhalem, Marblemount, Concrete, Oak Harbor, Amanda Park, Humptulips and Aberdeen.

As a result of our Washington state trip, of August 30, 2017, I have ridden 23,496 miles (37,813 km) on my KLR (Kawasaki). I've ridden 34,496 (55,516 km) overall on motorcycles (my previous bike was a Honda Nighthawk).

But what's even more fun to think about is not the number of miles or kilometers, but the things I've seen. And that's why I write travelogues:

2017 was 10 days in Washington State: a Smokey Motorcycle Adventure in August.

In 2016, we went to the exotic land of Idaho. Included at least 120 miles of gravel. Hells Canyon, Silver City, Idaho, Bruneau Dunes State Park, City of Rocks National Reserve, Sawtooth Scenic Byway, Salmon River Scenic Byway, Custer, Idaho, Ft. Missoula, Montana, historic Wallace, Idaho, Lake Coeur d'Alene, White Pine Scenic Byway, Hell's Canyon Overlook, Oregon, Joseph, Painted Hills, and Little Crater Lake in Mt. Hood National Forest.

In 2015, we spent two weeks via motorcycle, mostly in British Columbia, but including Hydar, Alaska (Stewart-Cassiar Highway and the Alaska Highway).

In 2014, we toured large parts of Utah, Nevada & Oregon.

In 2013, we didn't go anywhere (sad face).

In 2012, our two-week trip was to Northern California, Nevada, and Southwestern Oregon (including the Alvord Desert).

In 2011, it was to Yellowstone National Park (and large parts of Montana, Idaho and Oregon).

In 2010, we took two long trips, one to the "Lost Coast" of California, and another to Canada (Alberta and British Columbia, Jasper, Banff & Kootenay National Parks) and Glacier National Park

We hope to also continue to enjoy our local scenic routes near the greater PDX metro (Portland, Oregon).

Have a suggestion for a trip? Drop me a line. I like paved, winding back roads most. I like gravel roads if they are scenic, in good condition, have good sight-lines (not tons of blind corners), and will get me somewhere that I would love to be (like a ghost town or historic town or fantastic camp site in a national park).

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Also see this list of all my motorcycle travel dreams, big and small! 

More Oregon and Washington suggested short motorcycle routes.

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More about me:

Number of US & Canadian states I've been to on a motorcycle of my own:     7

Number of countries I've toured on a motorcycle of my own:     2

Number of countries I've toured on the back of a motorcycle:     17

Trips riding my own motorcycle
California ("Lost Coast" and gold country), Idaho, Montana (Glacier NP), Nevada, Oregon, Washington (state), Wyoming (Yellowstone), Canada (Alberta and British Columbia, Jasper, Banff & Kootenay).

International trips by motorcycle
Albania, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Northern England & Scotland, France, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Macedonia (the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia), Montenegro, Norway, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden

Photos of me traveling by motorcycle
See the TravelAdvisor map of where I've been (not just by motorcycle).

My other motorcycle resources:

Also see these resources (all by me):

Traveling in the USA: Advice for Camping
Everything I wish someone had told me, a person who did NOT grow up camping. Also helpful for people from other countries coming here to camp (or, at least, I hope so).

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Ideas for Funding Your Volunteering Abroad Trip
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transire benefaciendo: "to travel along while doing good."
Advice for those wanting to make their travel more than sight-seeing and shopping, whether in your own country or abroad.

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