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Writing, Editing & Proofreading Services by Jayne Cravens

I have extensive experience writing and editing a variety of texts, from press releases to program reports. One of my particular strengths is transforming complex concepts and texts into easier-to-read documents and presentations, and coaching writers on how to improve their texts. I am adept at taking highly-technical, jargon-filled text and making such more understandable, accessible and practical for a general audience. I'm also quite comfortable working and coaching remotely, and working with people for whom English is not a native language. I can use this experience to help organizations, particularly nonprofits, as well as individuals to prepare written materials for print or online publication, to reach a wide-variety of constituencies.

I have proven:

My writing, editing and proofreading services include:  
I can review drafts as .doc or .rtf attachments to email, or via Googledocs. I can provide a minimal service of giving the text a complete proofread, correcting grammar or spelling mistakes, or a full service, with additional guidance on how to improve the structure, focus, flow, clarity and potency of text and identification of gaps in research references/citations.

For rates, please send your project proposal as an attachment to or within the text of an email, or contact me to set up a phone conference. References are available upon request.

Jayne Cravens specializes in a variety of services for mission-based organizations (not-for-profits/NPOs, non-governmental organizations/NGOs, civil society, grass roots organizations and public sector agencies). Some services for for-profit companies are also available. For my Curriculum Vitae, please contact me.


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